We are a multi disciplinary project of research and design based on radical story telling. Encompass arts and craft to create epic stories, fantastic imaginaries, magical settings, strategic thinking, meanigful products, love tales, random adjectives for self initiated project or national and international clients, always with the same approach.


Founded in 2014, growing and changing over time, we are a collective that has worked individually or collectively in different sectors, from cinema to fashion, from food to automotive, for social and cultural projects, with initiatives ranging from branding to architecture, to art direction, direction, project management, styling, set design, screenwriting, writing and teaching.


Over the years we have met different realities of all sizes and in different parts of the world that have allowed us to experiment with our approach such as
Ferrari, Disney, Bvlgari, Eni, Disneyland Paris, Rai, Lavazza, Italo, HBO, Starbucks, Sony, Roger Vivier, Anica, FIGC, Universal and more

Via Dei Quattro Cantoni 72b,
00189 Roma, Italy
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