La Montanara


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Client Spollo Kitchen

Categories Food

Solution Handmade poster

With Antonio De Falco, Patrizio Anastasi

Year 2015

Spollo Kitchen: 100 designers, their recipes, a year of cooking and a print shop.

Montanarea is the name of these magnificent little Pizzas traditionally made in naples.. We decided to use the actual olive-oil used for making these Pizzas as well as the Kraft brown paper upon which they are put together to create their screen-printed poster. Thus putting at the forefront of the whole campaign the genuineity of the products used and the artisanal skill with which Pizzas have been made for centuries.


500 g – flour 00

200 gr – Mozzarella

70 gr – Tomatoes

40 gr – Parmiggiano Reggiano

2 leaves – Basil

1 clove – Garlic

20 ml – Oil

250 ml – Water

– – Salt

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